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Friday's Health Report: How a person's gait can show signs of neurodegenerative disease

Posted 5:12 PM 6/14/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE - Put one foot in front of the other. This simple gait test can tell a clinician a great deal, Mayo Clinic's Dr. Farwa Ali said.

The gait test can measure, for instance, how fast or slow a person walks compared to peers in their age group. It's then analyzed to assess whether a (More)


Thursday's Health Report: Emergency medicine professional recommends learning, understanding CPR

Posted 4:59 PM 6/13/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — If you don't know how to do CPR, now is a good time to learn.

According to the Red Cross, immediate CPR can double or triple the chances of survival after a cardiac arrest.

"The big thing with having a sudden cardiac arrest is it can come from drowning or just (More)


Friday's Health Report: Finding what sunscreen is right for you, your skin

Posted 4:47 PM 6/7/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — We all know sunscreen should be part of our daily skincare routines. But there are so many options. There are some things to take into account when you are browsing the sunscreen aisle. 

"Sunscreens come in a lot of different forms. Things to look out for are broad (More)


Thursday's Health Report: The potential health downsides to intermittent fasting

Posted 5:18 PM 6/6/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — For years, people have used intermittent fasting to lose weight. Others fast for religious reasons. The popular diet trend is generally safe, but some studies suggest it could cause heart problems.

There are several ways to do intermittent fasting. The 16:8 method is (More)


Wednesday's Health Report: The health benefits of pickles

Posted 4:36 PM 6/5/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — For many people, a good burger is not complete without the crunch of a pickle. But the benefits may go beyond just the taste.

"It really depends on the kind of pickle, but also the consumer. So, it's really important to know, you know, your health conditions going in (More)


Monday's Health Report: Food tips and tricks for staying healthy, safe during summer picnics

Posted 4:57 PM 6/3/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — Summer picnics can be a great way to get outside and spend time with family. But improper handling of the food can mean trouble.

Experts recommend that when you open the cooler, it's important keep an eye on the clock.

"The general rule is to have food out only (More)


Friday's Health Report: New development in stomach cancer treatment is more direct, effective

Posted 4:38 PM 5/31/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — Most stomach cancers are found when the disease has spread beyond the stomach and a cure is less likely. A new approach to treatment called HIPEC delivers heated-liquid chemotherapy directly to the abdomen, where it can target the cancer.

During a HIPEC treatment, the (More)


Thursday's Health Report: Sleep expert shares remedies for restless nights

Posted 4:53 PM 5/30/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — Essential oils, melatonin and sound machines are some of the products that claim to help you sleep. A sleep psychologist talks about whether any of them work.

"At the very best of what they do is they create good wind down routines. so, that is a key to (More)


Wednesday's Health Report: Southern University Ag Center hosts luncheon for Women's Health Month

Posted 9:13 PM 5/29/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — The Southern University Ag Center held a luncheon today for Women's Health Month.

May is Women's Health Month, also known as Women's Health Awareness Month. It officially kicks off each year on Mother's Day.

The event theme, "Strength in Sisterhood: Supporting (More)


Tuesday's Health Report: Pediatrician shares advice for pool safety as summer kicks off

Posted 4:42 PM 5/28/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — Pools are open again with children now out of school.

If you are planning to take your little ones swimming, there are some safety precautions to keep in mind.

“There should be an adult water watcher within arm's length of your kids while they're at (More)


Monday's Health Report: Experts detail connection between sleep, heart health

Posted 4:46 PM 5/27/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — The CDC says adults who sleep fewer than seven hours each night are more likely to experience health problems. Adequate sleep is crucial for your overall well-being, including your heart.

Getting a good night's sleep can give you the energy to jump-start your day and (More)


Friday's Health Report: As marijuana continues to be legalized, pot overtakes alcohol as preferred vice

Posted 4:51 PM 5/24/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — More Americans now use marijuana daily over alcohol, a new national survey on drug use shows.

Around 17.7 million people reported using cannabis every day or just about every day, the U.S. National Survey on Drug Use and Health said. That is compared to 14.7 (More)


Thursday's Health Report: Tips for a safe and tasty Memorial Day cookout

Posted 4:39 PM 5/23/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — If you are planning to fire up the grill this Memorial Day, you want to keep food safety in mind.

There are several ways your cookout can turn into a bad situation.

"One of the most important things when we're talking about maintaining food safety is really to (More)


Wednesday's Health Report: Surgeons working to make kidney stone removal surgeries less invasive

Posted 5:15 PM 5/22/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — While most kidney stones can pass on their own, larger ones may cause bleeding, kidney damage or ongoing urinary tract infections.

In those cases, different surgical procedures may be required.

"Over the last several years, we have worked increasingly to make (More)


Tuesday's Health Report: New technologies are helping to preserve livers prepping for transplant

Posted 4:59 PM 5/21/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE —  When it comes to organ donations, every second counts. Time is often the biggest factor when it comes to a viable organ.

That is why new technology is being used to help preserve livers before they are transplanted.

"Many have seen the ice coolers that we (More)


Monday's Health Report: How to prevent injuries while playing pickleball

Posted 4:38 PM 5/20/2024 by WBRZ Staff

BATON ROUGE — The popularity of pickleball has exploded. So have injuries attributed to the sport.

There are two main injuries players can sustain due to the sport.

A common pickleball injury is a traumatic one — like a broken wrist.

"Sometimes the patients are a (More)

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